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The Transformation 2018-05-04T11:22:53+00:00

The transformation

We took delivery of the bus in October 2014, and she has taken over our lives ever since. The original idea was for the bus’ parent company, Twilight Bars, to extend its offering of luxury mobile bar services to include luxury pop-up bar vehicles as well. We searched tirelessly for a range of suitable vehicles from VW camper vans to Citroen CV vans but, when we saw the bus we knew she was the one.

First stop included refitting parts of the Gardner engine for reliability and designing the interior to attract the most discerning clients. We then put the bus in the hands of the most incredible engineers and tradesmen who have finished every part of the restoration with meticulous detail and skill. We then had her sprayed in the same dark blue that our bar company uses for its corporate branding and she looked just stunning.

The next stop and challenge was choosing her name. After social media competitions and countless nights of research we decided the answer was simple; name her after her first route in public service between The Radleys and Hamstead. And so, the No. 08 Cocktail Bar and Dining Deck was born.